Friday, November 15, 2013

Canadian History - general

Writing and Canadian History from the folks at Excellence in Writing.

Begbie Contest Society Primary Sources in the Classroom 

Thomson Rivers University
Hist 1221 Post-Confederation 

Canadian Virtual University 

All things "Donna Ward" are excellent for Canadian History. This scope and sequence is an excellent guide for how to cover all aspects of Canadian History. I particularly like her idea to cover the history of Britain, France and Spain: since these countries were pivotal to Canadian history.

Canada as a Constitutional Monarchy Lots of detailed info about the relationship between Britain and Canada

Vocabulary flash cards relating to government/civics

Ontario Online Grade 10 Civics Course: scope and sequence

Canadian History Websites - Government of Canada:  This looks excellent.

A quiz for high school and up.  lots of great questions

Repertory of General Databases for Canadian History: Portraits of famous Canadians among other interesting and useful sites.

100 Greatest Events

Primary Sources! This looks excellent but access seems to be for York University people only.  Needs a closer look.

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