Friday, November 15, 2013

Canadian History - general

Writing and Canadian History from the folks at Excellence in Writing.

Begbie Contest Society Primary Sources in the Classroom 

Thomson Rivers University
Hist 1221 Post-Confederation 

Canadian Virtual University 

All things "Donna Ward" are excellent for Canadian History. This scope and sequence is an excellent guide for how to cover all aspects of Canadian History. I particularly like her idea to cover the history of Britain, France and Spain: since these countries were pivotal to Canadian history.

Canada as a Constitutional Monarchy Lots of detailed info about the relationship between Britain and Canada

Vocabulary flash cards relating to government/civics

Ontario Online Grade 10 Civics Course: scope and sequence

Canadian History Websites - Government of Canada:  This looks excellent.

A quiz for high school and up.  lots of great questions

Repertory of General Databases for Canadian History: Portraits of famous Canadians among other interesting and useful sites.

100 Greatest Events

Primary Sources! This looks excellent but access seems to be for York University people only.  Needs a closer look.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Remembrance Day - Part 2: Boer War

Why study the Boer War:

1) first overseas conflict in which Canadians served
2) Canadians Sam Steel and John McCrae served (alongside Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Gandhi, Winston Churchill and others)
3) Canadian military reputation
4) Demonstrates the relationship between Britain and Canada and the continuing conflict between French and English Canada.  Both of these affect Canada in the century to follow.

Boer War:

Wikipedia overview

Breaker Morant

Canadian War Museum - Boer War

Attestation papers and other documents for a Canadian volunteer\

Spion Kop

Excerpts from John McCrae's letters & a good overview of the war and aftermath for Canada

Canada's ties to Britain or why Canadians volunteered for the Boer War

Biography of John McCrae - author of In Flanders Fields

Popular Christian hymn in Canada "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" as Canadians became aware of the casualty toll in South Africa.  From this website:

Battle Lines: Last Boer War Veteran - video

Trailer for Breaker Morant 

How peace was finally achieved: