Monday, May 19, 2014

Simple Record Keeping


1) Each student gets one page with their name and school year as the title.

2) Make five headings:  English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Other

3) Under each heading list any curriculum you plan to use. I usually put lots of detail into this list. 

For example at the beginning of the year the list for my 12 year old son's math section looked like this:


Math Facts Practice:  Skip counting 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, Math Rider, Mad Minute, Operation Math*
Math U See Delta Review Lessons 1 – 12 (1 week) and Units 3 and 4 

Math U See Epsilon 

4) Under "Other" list anything that does not fit in the four other sections like swim lessons, work experience, hobbies, special projects, field trips, skills, language study,  courses or travel.

Keeping Records:

As the year progresses when your student completes curriculum, goes on a field trip or achieves a new swim badge, add the month, year and achievement or final score to the list.  Keep work samples and certificates in plastic sheet protectors in file folders or a binder.  I have three students to keep track of and all their samples fit in one binder. I keep at least two samples for each subject area; one from the beginning and one from the end.

At the end of the year, delete any curriculum your student didn't do from the planning list.  Make a note of anything which was incomplete at the end of the year and record final scores. You'll notice that Sam didn't do MUS Epsilon at all this year so I deleted that information.  I recorded his pre and post tests for Mad Minute and deleted the fact drills. I print the completed list and add it to the samples I've collected in the sheet protectors and my record keeping for the year is done. 


Mad Minute Correct answers in 60 seconds September/December:  (+) 12/18  (-) 14/19 (x) 4/14 (/) 7/18  or                         September 37/130 28%                 December 67/130 52%  

Math U See Delta Review Lessons 1 – 12 (1 week) and Units 3 and 4  95% December 2014

Some Final Notes:

I'm a big fan of pre and post tests.  I want to see that my students are improving through the school year.  but I'm always excited to get started with the school year and often forget that step!

If you can make your planning list on the computer, then you can easily add and delete information.  The saved planning list from last year will help me make the new list for this year.

At the end of the year also add to the list anything your child particularly enjoyed that year.  In Sam's case he spent a lot of time building new creations with Lego so I'll be adding that to his list. 

Separately, I keep a list of books that my student has read or that we have done as a read aloud.  Unfortunately, I didn't start this early enough with my two older children and I gave them the responsibility of keeping it up to date too soon.  As a result, their book lists have gaps.  Sam's list has every book he's ever read.

Record keeping requirements vary from place to place so be sure you are following the guidelines set by your school board and your governing authority.  This is what works for me.

* Math Rider:

The Mad Minute: (We have an old version bought used)


  1. Susan, what does Sam use to record his books read? I am thinking of getting Noah to use Goodreads this year to do that, I used it with Josh when he was older and I liked just being able to print it at the end of the year. I love hearing how you do things and what you use, keep posting :)

    1. Lori Up until this year, I've simply used a word document and typed in the title and author of each book under the Month/Year they were read. If we read a book together, I make a note of that too. However, this year, I am returning to a notebook. I bought a sturdy journal and I'm writing in all the books S has read to date. The problem, I am finding with the computerized lists is that the file is never in the country, or on the hard drive I need it to be on when I need it. Additionally online lists or lists saved to a cloud are in accessible when the power is out or WIFI is down which happens most every day in Turkey.