Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Canadian Constitution

Lots of constitution resources here.  These resources have a link with Quebec's history  Wikipedia not the only source but might provide a general overview.

 John A Birth of a Country  DVD available from CBC shop for $16.99 + tax and about $7.00 shipping When I went to order this from CBC Shop over the summer; the shop was closed.  Now that the Shop has reopened the DVD is no longer available.

If you live in Canada you may be able to access it here: (however the content is unavailable in Turkey)

The DVD appears to be available from so I'll be ordering it from them and shipping it to Turkey.

CBC shop also has Canada A People's History DVDs but perhaps I can pick those up used?  This looks like a useful website.

Characteristics of Canadian Prime Ministers    prime ministers - first among equals Prime Minister's Fact Sheet

Choose a speech by a Canadian Prime Minister. Read it and describe the underlying issues then read it aloud for effect.

1)  Yann Martel and What is Stephen Harper Reading?
a. - view this website. What is the Yann Martel's purpose? Why did he start sending Stephan Harper books? Do you think a PM has time for a lot of free reading? Find out how the arts are funded in Canada?  Answer these questions in writing.

(The large section on the peace movement has been moved to the post titled "Peace in a Time of Conflict")

2)  Prime Ministers
a) Over view of Prime Ministers Make charts and graphs for different characteristics (for example: age, gender, religious affiliation, education, political party)

b) Complete the Fact Sheet below for PM Harper, PM John A. MacDonald and 4 other prime minsters. Be sure to add a photo of the PM to the fact sheet. Add bibliographic references to the bottom of the page.
Canadian Prime Ministers PDF  Fact Sheet

c) Choose one additional Prime Minister. Write a short biography. Be sure to include details of their character which were important to their success or failure as a prime minister.

3) Citizenship
a) Flag Etiquette in Canada
b) Posters of historical flags
c) Folding a Canadian Flag
d) A part of Highway 401 (Ontario) was renamed Highway of Heroes. Describe the history and use of the Highway of Heroes in one paragraph.

3) Rick Mercer explains Canada  Who's really in charge?

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