Thursday, May 9, 2013

Puzzles and Games

Printable puzzles:  I like this site because of the variety of puzzles: acrostics, logic, crosswords, drop quotes, number puzzles, sudoku, cryptograms and word searches.


This 5.99 game/app is supposed to a fabulous help for teaching equation solving generally and algebra specifically.  There are 2 levels +5 and +12.  I bought the +12 level.  It is challenging for me. The 11 yo and 14 yo pursued the first few levels and the high school student is making her way through all ten levels.  I haven't managed to do all ten levels yet.  I am not sure how or if it will really help the Algebra student, but it's fun to play.'s puzzle pages have some harder dot to dot and maze puzzles. This link is for autumn themed puzzles.

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