Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Plan and The Purpose

I've been struggling to plan as I usually do.  The last time we came back to Turkey, we brought more than 70 books in our luggage.  It wasn't enough.
Although, I have had a certain disdain for Internet resources, I am rapidly getting over my prejudice.  I've found all sorts of "downloadable" curriculum, pod casts and YouTube videos which have carried my students along in their learning this year.

Using a paper and pencil or even an Excel spreadsheet to plan what three students might use in the way of Internet resources is painful.  So my plan is to let go of spreadsheets and notepaper and rely on this blog as I plan for the 2013-2014 school year.  I'm going to be making lists and notes and more lists and notes!  Sometimes, I'll be listing according to student (ages 11, 14 & 17) and sometimes I'll be listing resources according to topic.

Not all of the resources we use will be on the net, so I'll also include books and DVDs on the lists.

Oh and one final word, no post is ever complete.  I'll post and edit and post again under the same topic as new resources and ideas come to me.  

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