Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why College Might Not Be Necessary or Valuable OR How to Learn without Going to School

How to become an expert:

Josh Waitzkin:

"Halfway through high school, Mr. Dominguez, previously a straight-A student, began wondering whether going to school was more about satisfying requirements than real learning. “The value proposition is to go to school to get a good job,” he told me. “Philosophically, shouldn’t you go to school to learn?” His grades fell sharply, and he said he graduated from Alhambra High School in 2004 with less than a 3.0 grade-point average.
Not only did he reject college, he also wanted to prove that he could succeed wildly without it. He devoured books on entrepreneurship. He started a company that printed custom T-shirts, first from his house, then from a 1,000-square-foot warehouse space he rented. He decided that he needed a Web site, so he taught himself programming.
“I was out to prove myself on my own merit,” he said. He concedes that he might have taken it a little far. “It’s a little immature to be motivated by proving people wrong,” he said."

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