Saturday, September 21, 2013

Art Unit Study

This is part of a larger study about European Royalty, but can be used on it's own.  It is designed with my artistic middle school daughter in mind.

1) Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting:    Each episode is about 30 minutes. Make notes for each video using the Cornell Note Taking System.  Notes will handed in for grading (need a rubric for this) and be the basis for a brief oral report on each episode.  Each oral report will also be graded. (need a rubric for this) (about 10 weeks)
2) Read:  Great Artists by Jennie Ellis Keysor Volume 1 - 5 (Complete 1 Volume every 2 weeks)

Unfortunately all of the art work on these pages are reproduced in black and white. Please find at least one for each artist in colour. Use this image, the artist’s name, birth and death dates and a list of the artist’s most famous works (or your favourite) from each volume to make a page.  This could all be done on the computer and printed out, or created by hand. Johanna could teach you to create a power point which you could show at the end of your reading.  Don’t forget to include a link to any Internet sources you use including the Keysor books.

3) Optional:  FBI’s website devoted to stolen art which I thought might interest you:

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