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Princesses are People Too - European Royalty Unit Study Planning in Progress

Princesses are People Too
Royalty Then and Now
A Social Studies Unit Study for Nicole Murray
2013 -2014

1.            Read all the instructions and assignments before beginning. Assignments do not need to be completed in the order they appear on the list, with the exception of #13 which must be completed after #12. Every page should have an underlined title. Neatness counts. Underline titles with a ruler. Print neatly. Use a ruler so your captions are straight. Finally got questions? Please ask!

2.            Create a beautiful title page for your notebook. Worth 7 points

3.            You will be using books and the internet to work your way through this unit study. Please keep a thorough bibliography. I should be able to click each link and see where you got all the information for every assignment except perhaps #2. Do you need to learn how to do a bibliography?  Ask your mom! Worth 10  points.

4.            Use an outline map of the world and the internet.  Look up "countries with royalty". Use a symbol, or a colour to show each country that currently has a monarch on the throne.  Check your sources carefully. Some lists include "pretenders", and countries or monarchies which no longer exist. Title your map with the current year and "Countries with Royalty". Worth 25 points
5.            In a couple of sentences identify three ways monarchies are abolished. Include in your notebook.  Worth 5 points.

6.            Research thrones.  Print photos of 5-10 thrones from various kingdoms and label them with the name of the kingdom or country where they were used and the monarch who used them.  Worth 20 points.

7.            Royal Titles. Read this article. Make a page in your notebook identifying various royal titles.  Worth  7 points. On a separate page write out the complete title of Queen Elizabeth II. Worth 3 points.

8.            British royal family. Read FAQ  page

9.            This looks like an interesting website. Have a look around.

10.          Vocabulary:  Write these words and phrases in your notebook.  Define each word. Worth 2 points each.

Morganatic marriage
Divine Right of Kings
Order of Succession
Hereditary monarchy
Elective monarchy
Head of state
Absolute monarch

11.          Research 5 – 10 monarchs. These monarchs can be from the same royal line or country or from a variety of lines and countries. Make a page for each monarch and their reign. Include the same facts on each page: age when they came to the throne, royal name, age when they ceased to reign, name of country or countries, what is their reign known for (peace and stability for example), any other interesting fact. Or use the Monarch template – mine or one of your own design.  Worth 20 points each.

12.          Create a family tree for our family. Work with mom to produce a tree for her side of the family,  then work with dad to produce a similar tree for his side of the family. Include in your notebook. Worth 10 points

13.          Create a family tree for Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain (and Canada) Include in your notebook. Include her ancestors and descendants. It’s gonna be big! Worth 10 points.

14.          Make a list of all the countries Queen Elizabeth II reigns. Worth 5 points.

15.          Watch the Coronation ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II   about 1 hour (7 parts watch all)   Make a page in your notebook.  Worth 5 points.

16.          Watch The Queen’s Palaces = Buckingham part one of two watch both   1 hour  Make a page in your notebook. Worth 5 points.

17.          Watch The Queen’s Palaces = Windsor part one of two watch both 1 hour    Make a page in your notebook. Worth 5 points.

18.          Then and Now.  Choose a recent monarch and one from “long ago”.  Using Excel or Word columns to compare their responsibilities. Worth 10 points.

19.          Is there something else you want to know?  Is there some interesting rabbit trail you’d like to pursue as you read and study?  Use as many pages as you like to show what you’ve learned along the way.  Worth 20 points per rabbit trail.
20.          Read Our Island Story on Kindle.

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