Friday, February 21, 2014

Art History

This is a self directed unit study for my high school age daughter.  It follows a visit to the National Gallery of Oslo and is intended to broaden her knowledge of artists, their styles and subject matter.  The other goal is to extend her understanding of Canada, by including Canadian artists. 


1.  Write down as many synonyms as you can which might be substituted for "artist"  ie painter. Don't use anything more than your own brain as a reference!  Create a power point slide using this list. Add to the list as you discover other endeavors which could be included. These additions should be in a different font or colour to differentiate them from the first list.

2. Create one power point slide for each artist.  Each slide should have the following information:  Name, birth/death, nationality, home, art education, preferred medium, preferred subject, style and one representation of their work

3. There should be a minimum of five Canadian artists and five artists of other nationalities.

Here are some Canadian artists who are "household names". You can choose a person from this list or any other artist for your assignment.

Robert Bateman
Emily Carr
Alex Colville
Bill Reid
Yousuf Karsh
William Kurelek
Paul Peel
Tom Thomson
Douglas Cardinal
Lynn Johnston
Ben Wicks

Due Monday, March 10, 2014

Some links which you might find helpful:
National Gallery of Canada  (link to dictionary is not currently working February 2014)

Article about the data base of Canadian women artists:

The data base:

Canadian native art:

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