Friday, April 4, 2014

Peace in a time of Conflict - High School Unit Study

1  Yann Martel and What is Stephen Harper Reading? - view this website. What is the Yann Martel's purpose? Why did he start sending Stephan Harper books? Do you think a PM has time for a lot of free reading? Find out how the arts are funded in Canada?  Answer these questions in writing.

2.)  View this webpage/photos:,29307,1887394_1861256,00.html

3.)  "Democracy Education Network was founded in 1993 to help Canadians learn key democracy, civics and active citizenship skills"

Advocacy and civics courses

Organizing a Peaceful Protest

4.) Read about Louis Riel p.61 Discovering Canada's Government,
Read Great Canadian Speeches p. 60-64,
Watch Historica Minute

Who was Louis Riel? What kind of protest did he lead? Was it successful or a failure?  What does the word Metis mean now - and what did it mean in Riel's time?  Is Louis Riel a Canadian hero?  Treat this as a research project and generate a thorough response in the form of an essay.

5.) Read about the history of UN Peacekeeping missions.

6.) Find statistics for Canada, USA and one other country.  What are the latest available numbers on military spending?  Can you find a per capita amount so you can compare the countries side by side. It might also be illuminating to look at violent deaths in those three countries.  Does military spending correlate in anyway with the number of people who are killed (or injured by guns)? 

7.) In your opinion is peaceful protest a useful way to make changes in society? Why or why not. 500 word7

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